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IT Consulting

ITPartnership — Strategic, Ongoing and Immediate Advising on all Technology-Related Areas of Your Business

With ITPartnership™, we deliver timely, factual and relevant guidance on technology issues to enhance your business’ operations. We will become the IT brains of your company so you can devote your full attention to what really matters in your business, not your computers and technology systems.

ITPartnership™ not only takes care of your company’s technology on a regular basis, it also implements and maintains a strategic technology plan for your company based on your business goals. The end result of ITPartnership™ is an office with the upper hand on technology and productivity.

$697 per hour

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cyber security


Get strategic Defense-in-Depth protection to deter malicious cyber-attacks away from your business.

Securing every layer of your IT infrastructure is key to strengthening your business security posture and reducing cyber risks to a minimum.

ALL small businesses deserve to succeed and to keep their data confidential, their clients’ data private, and their assets and operations protected from hackers.

Packages range from $97 to $197

per device per month

Factors that determine price include:

  • Level of endpoint security
  • Level of cloud security (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365)
  • Specific add-ons to meet your industry needs

Please contact us to receive a proposal customized to your needs.

web development miami florida
web development miami florida

Web Development

Anyone can make a website nowadays, but to make it effective and profitable takes smarts.

Developing a website may seem simple, with only a few clicks required by popular website builders.

Use caution with quick website builders: You may end up paying more than you bargained for, with the loss of leads and opportunities forgone.

An effective website needs strategy, from on-brand look and feel to copywriting that resonates with your ideal client to design that draws your visitors in and makes it easy to consume your content and take a desired action.   

Packages range from $3,700 to $5,900

Factors that determine price include:

  • Type of website, i.e. brochure, e-commerce, e-learning, etc.
  • Website complexity
  • Specific add-ons to meet your needs

WordPress Security & Maintenance

Executing an outstanding WordPress website security & maintenance program need not be a big challenge.

Consistent and fast updating of your WordPress core, theme, and plugins is essential. It protects your site from breaches, and ensures visitors get what they want quickly and a great user experience.

You get all the optimization and security your website requires daily (which popular web hosting vendors do not include):

Running backups and security scans, performing updates, blocking spam and illegal login attempts, optimizing the cache and images, and much more, so your business and visitors are happy and safe.

Packages range from $57 to $597

per month

Factors that determine price include:

  • Server resources required due to website activity and traffic
  • Number of websites hosted/maintained under your account
  • Specific premium plugins to meet your needs
web development miami florida
Have you the peace of mind of knowing your business is protected from cyber threats?

Cybercrime is growing exponentially. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, 42% of cyber attacks target small businesses. 60% of those will bankrupt within 6 months to a year.

What implications would a cyber-attack have for your business?

If your business is not protected yet, let's talk!

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